A Return to Simpler Times

At one end of the scale we can think about the old expression: “to treat with kid gloves” as we look at the difficulties parents are facing. When parents seek to lay down any kind of rules, guidelines or boundaries for their children, they can struggle with how to do this without the accusations of being restrictive, or inconsiderate of special needs. And so, is it far better to be somewhere in the middle of the scale? Here, we can show a child proper boundaries; they’ll love you all the more for it.

When reading the news and views of ordinary people I gain a sense of how complicated everything seems to have got. The conversations range from the complex diagnostics of mental conditions to the vast array of shared opinions – we all have something to get off our chest. These few words included.

I make no apologies for my feelings and beliefs about coming from simpler times

When I think about my childhood, and in particular the classroom, every single child was different with their own personal struggles. It was called growing pains. Every child had special needs and yet it was grouped together and termed childhood. At every stage of our lives we will face difficulties and challenges. Without simple rules, boundaries and guidelines to help us, we can get lost in our confusion.

This is not to say that by returning to simpler principles we should include the brutality of the past

One simple question we must constantly ask ourselves is this: Is the balance between love and fear proportionate? In this respect, we must never make the mistake of assuming that complicated diagnostics – for the condition of childhood – are based on love. There is a strong likelihood they’re based on the opposite. 

For the need of intellectuals to prove their worth, can it be a fear based thing, or is it simply the willfulness and one upmanship of their competitive nature? 

Try and hold a conversation with anyone and notice the constant to-and-fro of power. You’ll say one thing, only for this, in the next breath of conversation, to be bettered or dismissed. As I’ve aged I’ve become quieter, not because I have nothing to say, but because I now see the pointlessness of opinion. I’m also very tired of frightened, competitive, men.

In this respect I’ve notice the ‘warriors’ locking up their women, fearing their love will weaken them. It is this fear that causes them to need possession and ownership. When this is your need, you must fight as a warrior, and die early losing the only thing you’ve ever truly owned. To fear love is to be locked into this vicious cycle of madness. Can we return to simpler principles without the brutality of the past?

Consider simplifying your life – consider mindfulness.

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