The Calmest of Minds

a place of stillness

Image by Devanath
Nirvana can be understood

I want you to imagine a state of mind that sits between thoughts. Imagine a moment where time has stopped. Imagine a moment where there is simply no desire to be doing anything other than what is currently happening. There is a sense of stillness.

The silence is the result of there being no friction, no resistance. Total absorption in the present moment

It involves an understanding of what you’ve been seeking all your life. You’ve been seeking this sense of calm but looking in the wrong direction. You’ve been seeking answers and solutions instead of acknowledging what your mind has been showing you for years. It is already what you are; where you are. Let go and allow your mind to show you now.

Ask yourself what your mind has been showing you that is beyond craving, desire, needs or wants

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is complicated. In fact it’s the simplicity that can catch us out. There are layers of deceit and lies that we must cut through to get to the truth. It’s all the clutter associated with the human condition. The lust for power. The need for control. It involves none of these things. What it does involve is the understanding that the human condition is exactly that: a condition. A state of conditioning. At the centre of our being there is a place devoid of conditioning. Devoid of the human condition of seeking power and control. Let these things go and nirvana will be within your reach.


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