Mindfully Unsuffering

Move forward or move out of the way

It is said by some that suffering is created when we’re in a state of wanting or desiring. Is this true?

It’s certainly the job of all of us to question what we and others believe. We can’t just accept what we’re told as true. We do have a tendency to do this a children. Our critical faculty isn’t sufficiently developed for us to successfully question teachers and parents. However, once we’re grown, it becomes our responsibility to question what we’ve been taught. We rid ourselves of the suffering experienced by others in this way. And this brings me to the belief that desires and wants equal suffering.

It stands to reason that wanting what we can’t have creates tension but is this tension a form of suffering?

Think of the word intention. What is your in-tention? Is it your intention to do good in the world? Is it your intention to get what you want? We never get what we want if there’s no intention. Let’s say we eradicated all wants. Would that solve the problems of humanity? How would things have turned out if Edward Jenner hadn’t wanted to cure smallpox? How would things have turned out if he had no intentions? Surely those of us who want to help ease the suffering of mankind are driven by desire and intention.

Mindfully unsuffering involves the process of questioning the antiquated beliefs of others

As time moves forward so must we. It is unacceptable to simply continue swallowing the beliefs and philosophies that were established hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. Suffering is perpetuated when we’re mindless of the negative influence of antiquated beliefs. Suffering is when we stay chained to the growing pains of the past. We must move forward and recognise our responsibility to each other. We must drop our useless beliefs from the past.


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